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21 December 2007 @ 10:13 pm
and this is what my winter break amounts to.  
Watching old dramas. Yep.

I would've watched Yuukan Club, but I haven't been downloading it recently, and I have no internet right now (as I am writing this, anyway).

SO, I watched Satomi Hakkenden today. I spent most of the battle scenes cackling like crazy because of how much it reminded me of those Chinese martial arts movies.

It was really good, though! *_*;;

Everyone's different stories touched me a lot - but I have to wonder, if仁 is such an important one, why didn't Shinbei get more backstory? >_> No, I promise I'm not being biased. XD

Daikaku's was really interesting, though. The neko bakemono! It was creepy, though. XD And the transformation gave me an idea as to how to shoot some of the killing scenes for Corpus...

Dousetsu and Funamushi's story was kind of depressing.

Kobungo was just freakin' hilarious though. Falling in love with Keno...xD Definitely the OTP of the SP. XD

I actually started smacking myself upside the head when Shinbei started yelling "CHUUDAI-SAMAAAA" when Shino was yelling "HAMAJI!!" Someone shoot me. Now.

Nakama Rie and Ayase Haruka are really cute. I just had to say it. XD

...but you know. Genpachi was just as neglected in terms of history as Shinbei. But oh well, I guess because Sousuke and Shino were the ones to start everything...

All the spiders were freakin' creepy. Goddamn arachnophobia.

I was so depressed when Keno turned out to be a guy, though. XD I was like "AW MAN, C'MON! YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN A FEMALE HERO, BUT NOOOO. DAMN ASIAN SEXISM!"

Okay, now, to even give myself less meaning, I shall go laugh at something that's supposed to be laughed at: YAMATARO. (Shit, yes, I still haven't finished watching.)


I wanted more Ohno in the episode. Like seriously. ): Those fifteen seconds of Ohmiya had me giggling for most of the finale.

I said this when I first started watching YamaTaro, and I'll say it again: GEH I LOVE THE YAMADA FAMILY WHY CAN'T MY FAMILY BE LIKE THAT?

I started laughing when Ume-chan (from episode 7; the lady who gave them the house) showed up.

...because she's the old lady from Yuukan. XD "Eh? Why does she look so familiar? And that voice...OHSHITIT'STHATCRAZYOLDLADY!" XD I was half-expecting to hear "BIDO-SAAAAAAN" again. >> << >> <<

Maybe I should go watch Sushi Ouji!...but nah. I have to dig around the closet because THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PADS LEFT IN THE BATHROOM. I know, that was really TMI for the guys on my f-list, but DEAL WITH IT. 8'D

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