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31 December 2007 @ 09:09 pm
Yeah. I said there would be one last post of this year. I lied. D: One more's coming after this.

MEME FIRST. I didn't list everyone...if I've drifted from you so much that we didn't even talk all that much this year, then you're not on this list.

5254 - MISAMISA. ;; It was fun getting to know you this year. XD You're still one of the best graphics-makers I know. I envy you for being able to keep up with so many fandoms. XDD

aikyuu - MIYAAAAAA. Wow. It was half because of you that I even opened that Christmas card post. We've really gotten to know each other this year, huh? I'm still not that much into VK yet (mainly because I haven't had adequate internet as of late), but that's okay. D: Let's treat this as you getting me into VK anyway. XD

arthro_baka - ARTH. D: It's been fun knowing you. We haven't talked in a while...D:

chiharu - I'm still waiting for your driver's license pregnancy to pass. :D But I agree, we seriously need to finish Cancer of the Soul before then. :P

bunnyp69 - Avie-chan...wow...I've known you for three years...this has got to be the first of these three years that we didn't really talk, though...^^;; Thanks for putting so much trust in me, regardless.

cc1138 - Jeff. You're you. That's all I have to say. ♥

herbeatingheart - We never really talk, but when we do, it's really fun and cracky. XD I miss the crack!convos on MSN with all the other SPPfers.

flygons - TIFF. The girl whom out of all my flist lives closest to me. XD I'm kind of...well, sorry you have MS, but I know you're strong enough to deal with it. One of these days, I hope I can visit you before it completely takes over.

fuwante - We really haven't talked this year either, but I miss you. D: ZENIR RPS. Those were fun. And the fanart...also fun. XD

greenjordy - Eek. We haven't talked that much since I stopped being a part of KCK fandom...:X Also after you disappeared and put Spectral on hiatus. You're also one of the best graphics makers I know...I really envy you. XD

moedere - NEEEEEEECHAAAAAAAAN. ;_; Like I already said, we got closer, but at the same time, drifted. It's always fun talking to you. I love how most of our solo conversations are crack!lesbian conversations, and whenever we have group convos with Niisan, the world practically explodes. XD I have a kind of obsession with your boobs, but that's okay. ♥ I've always loved those "EVERYONE THINKS I'M LESBIAN!" "But you are!" "I LIKE GUYS TOO. DON'T GIVE ME THAT 'but you like guys who look like girls' CRAP, EITHER!" ""But you do!" conversations we have, too. XD

hebi_kairai - Wifey! D: We really haven't talked since July, the time when we failed in being able to meet up...sorry about that ;;

icki_akki - Icki, sometimes your paranoia annoys me, but that's okay. ♥ Because you're Icki, and one of the first Kirio fans I met in KCK fandom. XD

kairisume - BANBAN! Thanks so much for fangirling over books with me. XD You're also awesome at graphics. 8'D I miss talking to you so much over ES.

kamichan_ya3 - Um. Wow. Where do I start? If, someone told me, back in March, that I'd actually gain the courage to talk to you, I would've thought they were crazy. I really do respect you, and that kind of made me really shy to start commenting on your blog. Admittedly, it was you who talked first, on the L!IRC channel. I still remember all those times you expressed your worries about how Akaru was treating himself and all the basic crack that went on over the summer in the channel. Also, thank you for trusting me.

kasumisukimix - Milo-chaaaaaan. Wow. Our conversations went from crazy to serious this year. XD That was kinda scary. I don't talk to Dy-kun anymore, but may you have many more anniversaries to come!

kitten_lily - We drifted after AIM stopped working on my computer...but we've recently started talking again, huh? :D It's been a while since we met; seems like yesterday, but forever at the same time. :x I wish we could talk more...

kyutei - Are you seriously only twelve? Seriously, Chiha should be running over you, not me! XD We've only just met, but I have a feeling we'll have a long friendship. ...also, I don't know what I should call you just yet...XD

lege_nya - Ah, the first time we talked was on Icki's blog...xD That was fun. Talking to you is always enjoyable, but I have to admit; you make me feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but that's because the way you type kind of makes you sound monotone. But oh well, you did say you didn't express yourself well through text.

lyto - HAY CLOSET PERV! Thanks for helping me with Chinese all those times. You're also kind of out of it sometimes, but that's okay! Thanks for sharing so much music with me; like GReeeeN! GReeeeN is awesome. XD But it's also amusing to watch you fangirl over Johnny's and talk about ninjaing to Little Tokyo. Next time my mom visits her friend down there, I'll make sure to try to swing by. >XD

medetaiakaru - Littlix! is awesome. You're also awesome, but part of me thinks that if I say that, you'll take it as trying to kiss up. XD But oh well. You need to sleep more. Your sleep-deprivation-induced crack moments scare people. Ryutaro's always been one of my favorite juniors (second one I could recognize out of all of them, iirc), but your fanboyism totally made me a bigger fan of him. You're a bad influence. D: Editing for L! Subs has also been a really great experience; I'll never forget it!

nekoshoujo223 - Eek. We never talk anymore. :/ I miss you.

onlyforyou - EEFI. XD I love how sometimes we can be totally cracky, and others, we're all serious and shiz. I think it's totally awesome that you're a psychology major. ^^ Psychology's pretty fun, ne? I still find it funny how you always came to me for Japanese help, and now, you're probably more ahead than I am. XD

parfaitbunny - KEYO KEYO. D: How long has it been since we last talked? I miss talking to you about crazy stuff. XD You need to help me get into VK, too.

quinnsan - RIIIIIIINGOOOOOOSAAAN. Uh, I mean, Quinn. XD My mom's still surprised you spent so much on shipping to send me all of that stuff for Christmas (I am, too)...@_@;; It's been fun knowing you! XD Your shiny apple ornament is on our tree right now.

seqc - You ego popper. D: I hate you, but I have to love you at the same time. XD You're officially a half-fangirl of JE, and I think it'll stay that way. But oh well. :x WE TRIED.

slenderraven - I miss talking to you, a lot. The reason why I'm even making this meme post right now is because you did it. XD I felt I needed to say some more about all of this.

thixophobia - BRE. Wow. You're another one of those people I never thought I'd know. XD You're an awesome writer, and it's been fun knowing you.

timid_kyogre - Eek. We really drifted this year, but that time you came up to me to talk about why I was pissed...brought us back together again. (: You're officially one of the few people I know who can make me on the verge of tears.

togechan - HAY BEST FRIEND. I STILL HATE YOU. KTHXBAI. :D (And by hate, I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.) Yay for being the only two Akamipi fangirls in the world. I think. Idk anymore. (The funniest part is that the Akamipi song just came on, too. :x)

addeirall - Eek. I know you called out all those who never talk to you anymore on one of your more recent posts, but - I don't hate you. I'm not even the least bit annoyed by you. I don't talk to you anymore because I've never had reason to start randomly commenting on your posts, or talking to you on MSN; I don't talk to people when I don't think I should. :/ If that made you feel bad, then, I'm sorry.

xsweet_rainex - Raine~~ it's been fun knowing you. XD We don't talk all that much, and most of the time when we do, it's me always being "D: why are you so much better at graphics than I am" but THAT'S OKAY. XD

ya3fan - HIFAAAAAAAAAAN. Wow. It's been fun knowing you. Really fun. ^_^

yanagiburger - We've just met, but you're fun to talk to...like I said to kyutei, I have a feeling we'll have a long friendship, at the very least. You're also another person in fandom I thought I'd never know. At least friending memes are good for something, huh? XD

manlidere - Niisan...you know, words can't explain exactly how grateful I am that I met you. Thank you for slapping me in the face every time I did something stupid, like try to kill myself. Thank you for teaching me the difference between like and love. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being the first one I'd talk to on the phone. Thank you for proving that I do like girls. Just...thank you for everything. I know you think I don't need you, but the truth is that I do. You're the only person who can make me cry when I really need to, in order for me not to have a breakdown later. The reason I've been having so many breakdowns as of late is because we haven't talked all that much lately. I miss you. I've said that to so many people already, but I think I miss you the most.

To those in EST, Happy New Year.
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Br(i)e: yuto + yamada= teh cute lovethixophobia on January 1st, 2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
You're another one of those people I never thought I'd know.
Whut? Why? LMAO XD

But yeah, it's been great getting to know you and dragging you onto the bandwagon :D