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&; has issues. :D
&; also goes by the name of Nyaako. (that's right, that crazy post whore at Littlix!)
&; knows too much for her own good.
&; is 75% Chinese and 25% Burmese.
&; has an IQ of 130 but acts like a total idiot.
&; was born and raised in California.
&; likes to think she's fluent in Burmese (even though she makes stupid mistakes all the time).
&; is currently learning Mandarin.
&; picks up Japanese otaku-style and from her mother's old textbooks.
&; is a big JE fangirl. 8B
&; got into SuG after swearing she'd never get into VK XD
&; is a miser. srsly. But JE is one damn expensive fandom to be in. >O
&; gets annoyed easily...pissed off is another thing entirely and it's scary.
&; has a tendency to talk to dead people.
& has turned five people into pervs. And two became one with her. 8D
&; loves the strikeout.

all other important info is here.
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...I haven't written anything non-JE since April. You tell me.

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too lazy to arrange this atm. check again in a year. XD


I no own anything. ):

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